Brake Benefits

An electromagnetic based system based on low cost of ownership, high-torque to low-weight performance, high reliability, and  higher level of safety control of braking forces would  better  serve the airline industry and offer a significant opportunity to combine electromagnetic braking with an energy efficient storage system that would allow the aircraft the ability to:
  1. Recapture some of the available kinetic energy during the landing event to increase the overall efficiency of the aircraft.
  2. Transfer this available kinetic energy from the landing wheels through a motor generator to an energy storage device on board the aircraft.
  3. Use this stored energy during ground taxiing operations as a means to eliminate taxi fuel burn while the aircraft is on the ground.
  4. Reduce the number of hours spent on maintenance of the conventional braking system.
  5. Reduce the time on engines and engine thrust cycling due to taxiing and waiting in queue.