The Evolution of Braking Systems

Replacing the friction brake by utilizing solid state magnetics to create safe wheel and brake systems that never wear out.

Inductive Ventures (IV) has developed a revolutionary magnetic braking solution that never wears out.  Our magnetic brake systems drastically reduce the operational and maintenance costs as well as the logistical costs of your vehicle over its life cycle.

IV technology integrates magnetic brake and wheel systems for aircraft, rotorcraft, automobiles, trains, elevators and other systems that currently use friction brakes.

Proven Technology

Inductive Ventures’ revolutionary magnetic brakes overcome the maintenance and overhaul issues associated with conventional friction based brake systems. Our technology was vetted by world renowned universities and research programs sponsored by the US Office of Naval Research (ONR), Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), United States Air Force (AFWERX) and many other industry leaders.

The power of Magnetic Brakes

IV braking technology uses magnetic fields that never wear out and require no maintenance. We have built and tested an active magnetic braking system that utilizes a motor/generator as the brake. In addition to providing full braking functions, our system is able to recapture some of the vehicles kinetic energy during the braking event which can be stored on board and later used by the vehicle for auxiliary services or electric taxi operations.