Inductive Ventures, LLC.

Inductive Ventures, LLC (IV) uses magnetic induction forces to create safe and wear-free braking products that will disrupt old friction braking systems.

Our team has developed a revolutionary magnetic brake that overcomes the maintenance and overhaul issues associated with conventional friction brakes. IV's technology was vetted by world renowned universities and vetted through research programs sponsored by the US office of Naval Research (ONR), NAVAIR and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).  The DLA has contributed over $1.1M in funding to IV.

Inductive Ventures has the ability to brake an aircraft, automobiles, trains, elevators and any other system that currently uses carbon brakes. The technology is scalable to fit almost any application. The technology uses magnetic fields that never wear out and require no maintenance. IV is currently working on a design that would integrate a motor/generator into the brake in order to capture the kinetic energy of the moving object. This energy could then be stored and reused for the next move. Compared to existing friction based systems, IV's can stop the device in the same amount of time but the device requires no maintenance or replacement overtime.